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Stories to Shape How We Solve Homelessness

Below are Overcomer testimonials, news from Solutions programs and other information that can help us all reduce homelessness.


And How We Can Use These Lessons to Make Better Solutions

How Raniqua Learned to Embrace Change So Life Could Fall into Place

A look at Solutions’ success from its Overcomers

Sonya's journey with Solutions for Change

How committing to their community helped Joe and Sammie overcome The Churn.

We have collected some of our favorite overcomer stories to share the realities of homelessness in 2020 and the real solutions that are working now.

How top-down policies create the churn of dependency

Johnny and Monica's Journey to Stability

How Lilia Reclaimed Her Life and Career

The Rise of Veteran Homelessness and How We Can Help

Read about Roxanne's journey transforming her life and becoming an employee of Solutions for Change.

Poverty Can’t Be Ignored: How Perceptions of Homelessness Changed in the Great Depression

Finding Freedom Within a Community: How Justine Landed a Dream Job through Solutions for Change

A response from the Solutions for Change Board of Directors on the October 26, 2020 Union Tribune Article

How An Early 20th Century Researcher Discovered the Root Causes of Homelessness

Christa, a Solutions for Change Overcomer explains how the program saved her life.