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San Diego Nonprofit, Solutions for Change, Advances Its Vision to Solve Family Homelessness with No Taxpayer Funding

San Diego Nonprofit, Solutions for Change, Advances Its Vision to Solve Family Homelessness with No Taxpayer Funding

San Diego nonprofit, Solutions for Change (SFC), knows firsthand the frustration that the people of San Diego are facing. Despite record levels of government funding, the impacts of homelessness and its associated overdose deaths, crime and mental anguish continue to rise. To address this growing concern, SFC will announce a significant expansion of its unique and proven approach – a network of private resources designed to reduce the impacts of homelessness, all made possible without government funding. The approach is flexible, fast and highly effective. Highlights will be provided at its Jerome’s Cares event, September 9, 2022, at SFC’s main campus at 722 W. California Ave., Vista, CA. Volunteer activities begin at 10:00 A.M. PST and program presentation at 11:30 A.M PST. The event is open to the public and offers volunteer opportunities to assemble a significant donation of furniture by Jerome’s Furniture throughout the main campus during the event.

“Three decades of serving for the sake of others has shown us that nothing can stop a sufficiently resourced and passionate group committed to a vision of freeing people from their vulnerabilities and dependencies,” said Chris Megison, the Founding Visionary and President/CEO of Solutions for Change. “Together, with our San Diego community partners, the Solutions for Change community will embark on a challenging and exciting path.”

This visionary approach would not be possible without the hundreds of individuals and San Diego business and faith leaders who embrace SFC’s vision. For the Jerome's Cares event, SFC is pleased to recognize these incredible difference makers:

· Jerry and Eleanor Navarra, along with Jerome’s Furniture, have donated $97,000 dollars of outdoor furniture and bunk beds for immediate assembly at the event. “Solutions for Change embodies values that we agree with,” said Jerry Navarra, of Jerome’s, “a focus on family, education, honest work, integrity, and investment in self.” Brian Woods, CEO, adds, “As a local business, it’s our responsibility to support the Community around us. It’s an honor to be able to assist an organization in reaching its goal and positively impacting our community here in San Diego.”

· Chris Chen, SFC’s newest board member, has secured a $1,000,000 dollar gift from First Singles Church, USA, in honor of his father, Dr. Richard M.J. Chen, to the SFC capital campaign to help fund key updates to existing infrastructure and housing. “Solutions for Change’s accountability-based approach aligns with my views on how to help others,” said Chen, currently serving as an independent redistricting commissioner for the County of San Diego. “I’m also a supporter because their long history of effective execution is a clear testimony to their leadership and organization.”

· Other early lead community supporters include Stan Miller, Gesner-Johnson Family Foundation, the Gregg Family and Sue Ellisor, with a combined $95 thousand dollar cash investment.

The event kicks off several new private funded initiatives, including the largest capital campaign of its type in southern California, and the post pandemic relaunch of a newly repurposed social enterprise called Overcomers Inc., a business staffed by formerly homeless overcomers who will help communities address their homelessness impacts using a network of private resources. “With the support we receive from the community, together, we are fighting to solve family homelessness,” said Megison, “by identifying and resolving the root causes of poverty, dependency, and instability, and also the underlying cost of emerging solutions.”

The costs to address the care of even one homeless family can be staggering, estimating $200,000+ government funding per year/per family in California alone. At Solutions for Change, the end-to-end cost per year/per family is $42,000 with no ongoing taxpayer support and documented taxpayer reductions. With agencies being flooded for help across the state and country, SFC is successfully stopping the “churn” of recidivism, saving lives, and restoring families.

This event celebrates the achievements of its Overcomer graduates while paving the way to help more families in the southern California area, and beyond. It also encourages area residents and charitably minded businesses to participate in a way that directly impacts the future of their city and county in a positive, life-affirming way—over 93% of SFC’s graduates stay off the streets forever, and a 100% success rate closing child welfare services cases and reunifying children with their parents when legally possible. For more information about the We Are One Us campaign and sponsorship opportunities, visit

For information about Solutions for Change, visit, email or call 760-941-6545 ext. 333.

About Solutions for Change

Solutions for Change is a complete solution for family homelessness, but it doesn’t stop there. When SFC transforms families now, there is transformation in families for generations to come. Families often struggle in “the churn” before finding Solutions for Change. Through Solutions Academy, a university-like setting, families discover hope-filled purpose and forever change the course of their lives. Parents become role models, children excel in school, and new opportunities become possible for families and communities.

Solutions has been empowering families to grow beyond their vulnerabilities to attain true freedom from dependency and become productive, "tax-paying" citizens. Every year, with ground up community support, hundreds of lives are impacted. Over three decades, our model has solved homeless for over 7500 persons, saving society over half a billion dollars.
For more information about Solutions for Change, contact Chelsea Gregory, Director of Marketing, or call 760-941-6545 ext. 333.

For more information about Chris Chen’s donation, visit the Solutions for Change blog.

For more information about Jerome’s Furniture, visit


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