Our Work

Solutions Academy

Solving Homelessness and Transforming Lives in 700 days

Solutions Academy is the only full-service leadership development residential program for the homeless in the country. It equips our parents with the skills, knowledge and resources to completely transform themselves and their families in a 700 day, college-like experience.

What Solutions Academy Means for Parents

Solutions Academy is focused on permanently transforming lives. From counseling services to parenting classes to employment training to work experience, the programs at Solutions Academy create solid foundations for housing stability for the families in our program.


What Solutions Academy Means for Children

Solutions for Change breaks The Churn of homelessness and poverty for future generations. Families entering our program maintain stable housing where children can focus on their education without the worries of homelessness. The children of families at Solutions for Change finish high school, go to college and learn the value of hard work and determination.

Currently in our program…

161 Parents

323 Children

Skills, Knowledge, and Resources

We equip families for success with skills like career training, work experience, leadership training, teamwork, family management skills, personal development and accountability. We support our training with resources like housing, education, childcare, counseling, healthcare and employment.