Who We Are


The Overcomers

Overcomer (Merriam Webster): One who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty.

Overcomer (Solutions for Change): One who stops the cycle of continual dependency and pain and transforms by rising above personal vulnerabilities and lives a life of self-sufficiency, peace, and the freedom of the American Dream.


We are Overcomers - Rising Up and Giving Back

Meet our Solutions for Change Overcomers - employees, community members, and productive citizens. These featured graduates, who transformed their lives, now do the transforming through personalized coaching, workforce training and motivation.

Our Overcomers are servant leaders who build authentic relationships, inspire personal responsibility and influence by initiating change, modeling courage, and expecting accountability. They have experienced lives of trauma, abuse, addiction and pain. They have walked the same footsteps, slept in same the encampments and lost their families due to addiction and safety issues. Beyond the innovative Solutions Academy and social enterprises, the graduates are what make our programming and Impact so unique. These Overcomers work for the common good and give back to their community every day.

Featured Overcomers and Their Stories

“The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me” said Viktor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor and Overcomer. His survival like our graduates demonstrates that through the power of love and support, we can survive the most difficult of situations.

Our residents do not always have control over events occurring in their lives, but when equipped with the appropriate tools they can control how they respond and thrive. Our Overcomers do not choose blame and victimhood but lives of change and empowerment and a path to lift others above their vulnerabilities and begin transforming as they have been transformed.

Serve to Solve Projects

Solutions in the Community provides transformative experiences that impact the community and its mindsets, while equipping homeless families to be Givers. Our Overcomers have a history of tackling some of the toughest issues and hitting them head on with determination, inspiration and philanthropy. Through Serve to Solve projects, our teams collaborate with community leaders to make a lasting impact. Read More about our most recent and future projects...