The difference between this child living in a car or living in a home is you

We’re Solving Family Homelessness


A permanent solution for families and communities.

Solutions for Change transforms lives and communities by permanently solving family homelessness. Our approach is unique, providing a complete and sustainable solution driven by accountability.

Reaching the root causes of homelessness
A model that makes economic sense
Impacting families and communities
Solving homelessness for families and communities
Solutions for Change Model

One organization, many solutions

There are many solutions at Solutions for Change. Taken together, they are the pillars supporting a productive environment in which we build the futures of homeless families. Our solutions consist of Solutions University, Solutions Enterprise, and Solutions in the Community. Every day, they combine to create successful, sustainable solutions for families and the San Diego communities in which they live.

We’ve solved homelessness for over…


Solutions University

Transforming lives in 1,000 days

Solutions University is the only full service leadership development residential program for the homeless in the country. It uses the Transformational Housing Model, a design developed and used for over 2 decades by Solutions for Change. Solutions University equips parents with the skills, knowledge and resources to completely transform themselves and their families in a 1,000 day college like experience.

What it means for parents

Solutions University is focused on transforming lives permanently. From counseling services, to parenting classes, employment training and work experience, the programs at Solutions University create solid foundations that support meaningful futures for families in our program.

Equipping families for success

Career training, work experience, leadership training, teamwork.
Family management, personal development, accountability.
Housing, education, childcare, counseling, healthcare, employment.


What it means for children

Solutions for Change breaks the pattern of homelessness and poverty for future generations of families. Families entering our program gain stable homes where children can focus on their education without the worries of homelessness. The children of families here at Solutions for Change finish high school, go on to college and learn the value of hard work and determination.

Skills, Knowledge, and Resources


Supportive housing for families where they can rebuild skills needed to solve their families’ homelessness



Connecting residents to job skills and opportunities for long-term employment and financial stability


Life Skills

Life skills for self-sufficiency: financial literacy, parenting, leadership, anger management, and more


Physical Health

The renewal of families’ physical health, equipping them to be accountable members of their community


Counseling & Mental Health

One-on-one counseling and mental health supports, targeting the root causes of each family’s homelessness


Youth & Teen Programs

A safe and supportive environment for children, with academic and emotional supports to overcome past hardships

Solutions Enterprise

Investing in innovation

We’re solving family homelessness through social enterprise. All revenue generated by our social enterprise is invested into programs that are transforming lives and communities. Our vision is to innovate a sustainable and replicable social enterprise model to solve family homelessness everywhere.

property management

New Solutions Housing
Our enriched multifamily property management and maintenance services serve families in our program while providing work related training and employment.

real estate development

New Solutions Real Estate Development
We build transformational Housing developments that improve communities and provide permanent affordable housing for families at Solutions for Change.


Solutions Farms
We grow and sell high quality, locally grown, sustainable produce in a world class aquaponics farm that provides work related training and employment.

Solutions Farms

Solutions Farms is one example, and an integral part, of our social enterprise. This innovative aquaponics farm serves as a learning platform that provides real-world experience, and helps our residents acquire and refine skills, ultimately leading to greater career success. Profits are re-invested in our programs, so each generation of residents helps the next.

Workforce Training
Hands-on experience in innovative, sustainable farming.
Sustainable Agriculture
Certified organic aquaponics farm using 95% less water.
School Outreach
Produce sold to schools provides nutrition and education.

Solutions in the Community

A lasting impact on people and communities

Solutions for Change is deeply involved in all the North County communities. We purchase, rehabilitate, and operate housing throughout the region – revitalizing areas. We engage with our communities through volunteer participation in community events, which helps other nonprofits while letting our residents give in order to help others, as they have been helped. And we invite community participation at Solutions, so we can all live, learn, and work together to permanently solve family homelessness.

Impacting People

Impacting the Community

Impacting People

We partner with community organizations to solve community problems through the workforce of Solutions in partnership with the organization’s members. Solutions in the Community is the visible demonstration of the power of Solutions for Change’s holistic program which gives back to the community.

Purposeful Involvement
Families at Solutions for Change get involved in the community
Cause Partnership
We partner with organizations to solve social problems
Leading others
We engage community partners in learning and implementing our model

Impacting the Community

Solutions for Change turns low performing community assets into high performing assets that are permanently impacting local communities. Below are the properties we’ve created here at Solutions for Change that have improved the quality of life for people throughout the community.


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