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Solving family homelessness- One family, one community at a time

With community-focused solutions, we are fighting back against The Churn of poverty and homelessness to transform lives and restore community.

Our three programs work together to holistically solve the root cause of the challenges families are facing, so future generations can live without the burden of poverty, dependency, and instability.

The #WeAreOneUs Pledge

"When the Least of us Become the Best of Us #WeAreOneUs"

What if hundreds of people across the country joined forces in a vision? What if they created ground-up, community-based, market-driven solutions to help children and families stuck in The Churn of homelessness, poverty and dependency? And then, what if this movement spread?

Solutions for Change is leading this movement, the #WeAreOneUs movement, to share our transformational approach to permanently lifting people out of poverty and homelessness. Our Solutions Academy graduates are leading the movement with empathy and demonstrating to society that The Churn can be defeated. Will you join the movement?

The #WeAreOneUs Pledge

"We, the alumni and graduates of Solutions for Change, will serve and lead a cadre of Overcomers in a new and exciting local systems change effort called #WeAreOneUs.

We are doing this out of love for those who are still suffering, and we are doing it for our neighbors who are tired of blaming and divisiveness. Not long ago, we were the broken, the isolated, the users and abusers, and we were the homeless. Thanks to a caring and committed community of supporters, volunteers and donors guided by Solutions for Change, we recovered our self-worth and found our inner purpose.

Now we step forward, redeemed, connected and healthy, striving to be part of the solution. Because, when the least of us become the best of us, we are one us!" - Solutions Graduates

Solutions for Change holds a 4-star ranking with Charity Navigator. Click here to learn more.