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Solutions for Change is Redefining How We Fight Poverty, Make Overcomers and Restore Community



Solutions for Change is Redefining How We Fight Poverty, Make Overcomers and Restore Community

Twenty million vulnerable Americans are stuck in extreme poverty. At Solutions for Change, we use a results-driven, accountability-based approach to make Overcomers and restore community.

At Solutions for Change, we are so tired of watching families get torn apart and lives get destroyed by The Churn of dependency and pain. We have never been able to sit on the sidelines as poverty and homelessness wreak havoc on our communities. That’s why we committed a long time ago to creating tangible, transformative, permanent solutions to poverty and homelessness. 

Our solutions work. They empower individuals to permanently escape The Churn. We have helped thousands of people become Overcomers. And we’re only getting started.

For 22 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to support the families who walk through our doors. And they have worked with inspiring determination to break old habits, learn new skills and build beautiful lives from the ground up. Their courage and tenacity is what drives us—they give us faith that poverty and homelessness CAN be overcome.

But the situation is still dire, and the need to create Overcomers and restore communities is more pressing than ever. Through Solutions for Change’s programs, people break free of The Churn, build happy, independent lives and provide a brighter future for their children.

Individuals suffering in poverty need to have the opportunities and support to rise above their vulnerabilities to achieve freedom and self-sufficiency. That’s why Solutions for Change is leveling up the fight against poverty to restore community. It’s a new era of Solutions for Change, and we’re fighting with everything we’ve got to defeat The Churn.

Our bright, bold, warm new logo for Solutions for Change is simply emblematic of our greater commitment to fight the grip of poverty through empowerment, education and community. However, the real changes in this new era of Solutions for Change run deeper than our look. We are developing and enhancing every aspect of our organization to more effectively make Overcomers and stop The Churn.

Years ago, Solutions began with a promise to help all families escape homelessness, and now we mark this new chapter with another promise: We promise to forge a revolutionary path forward to restore families and communities and lift them out of poverty.

All who fight to overcome are welcome at Solutions for Change. And we are prepared to fight The Churn alongside you.

There are three key elements of Solutions for Change we want to highlight moving forward:

  • Our inclusive, welcoming nature that extends a hand to anyone who wants to pull themselves out of The Churn.
  • Our bold, tireless fight to defeat The Churn  and restore lives and communities.
  • Our tenacious commitment to create real solutions that lead to permanent change and free more and more people from The Churn.

Essentially, we are more determined than ever to create Overcomers and fight The Churn. And Solutions for Change’s programs are continuing to evolve and grow stronger—completely redefining how we fight poverty, create Overcomers and restore community in our world.

Here’s how Solutions for Change is driving a bold, effective path forward: Our Solutions Academy has developed into a 700-day vocational education program that holistically prepares individuals to build successful, meaningful lives. We give them work skills, parenting skills, financial literacy, emotional support and education, healthcare and more to ensure they can leave Solutions Academy fully prepared to lead a sustainable life for themselves and their families.

No one else takes such an encompassing approach to lifting people out of The Churn, and we don’t stop there. We create community systems to help our Solutions Academy students thrive beyond graduation. Solutions in the Community is our way of giving back to our community while forging relationships with the community and empowering them to support, champion and hire our Overcomers. Solutions Enterprise allows us to further connect with the community by providing organic produce grown at our state-of-the-art aquaponics farm and through the construction and renovation of affordable housing—which creates work opportunities and quality low-income housing for our Overcomers.

Regardless of any changes, our team will always be committed to transforming the nation’s most vulnerable and dependent people into the most empowered, equipped and inspired Overcomers. We fulfill our mission by offering effective programs to escape The Churn and by restoring communities to better sustain the transformation of those we help.

Solutions for Change is welcoming, bold and committed. And we are ready to embark on this next chapter of fighting The Churn with all of you. To see more of our rebrand in action and donate to support our mission.