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Help Save Kids from Illegal Drug Housing!



Taxpayer Funded Drug Housing!?!!?

Joint Statement by Board Chair Leanne Abraham and Founder/CEO Chris Megison 

With its vote on December 13, 2022, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors ended Board Policy A-110, the Zero Tolerance of ILLEGAL drug activity in taxpayer funded housing. This action will do the exact opposite of what the County of San Diego’s own Equity Impact Statement says it wants to avoid. It will discriminate against vulnerable people of color, women, LGBTQ+ persons, and people with disabilities, including young children who have reunited with their parents for the very reason that our housing is drug free! These families, along with our employees, donors, volunteers, and the taxpayers to whom Solutions for Change serves not only support a drug free place, they simply expect it! Parents who lost their homes, jobs, and children to illegal drugs cannot heal, and recover in a place where illegal drug activities are permitted and enabled. 

MUST READ **Overcomer Network Position and Appeal to the County of San Diego** DOWNLOAD HERE

There is a Better Way!

Mark King, CEO of Taco Bell and legacy level innovator and investor in the Solutions for Change vision and mission during our first decade said it best: “Today’s world is about disruption; it’s about creating new and different things. There’s no reason why something extraordinary can’t happen to you. I believe achieving extraordinary isn’t out of reach for any organization. Even those – especially those – who seemingly have a long way to go. Set a North Star. Have a big dream. And create your own path to greatness.”

We could not agree more with Mark, and although it feels like we have been in that “seemingly long way to go” space for a long time, and through many changes and challenges, our True North purpose and the core values that underpin that big dream remain firmly intact. To protect that dream and maintain our decades-long guarantee of a safe, healthy and drug free place for families we had to reject tens of millions in government funding. The challenges that came from those decisions were huge, but thanks to the many who stuck by us, we pivoted and overcame, and as a result, a new era was born!

A ten-year Vision, Model and Plan (VMP) was developed, and we named the first 3-year phase #WeAreOneUs. We called it this because we absolutely know that when the least of us Serve to Solve with the very best of us (folks like you) then together–WE ARE ONE US! At Solutions for Change we do not see people as victims to be managed, controlled, or contained in a state of dependency behind taxpayer funded doors that tolerate illegal drug activity. We see and engage people as VICTORS and then invest in, empower, and equip them to become and live out the very best version of themselves! By seeing and connecting with people on an intentional level as victors we’ve built a game changer in terms of how society could approach the homeless problem. We are inviting you to step into the Solutions for Change playbook to join us in our North Star big dream, where together with hundreds of those who have overcome leading the way, we plan to transform how society sees and acts on serving the most vulnerable!

Not Just a Name – But a Promise!

The VMP paints a future where the once homeless heal, recover, and are then inspired, equipped, and offered jobs in purpose driven enterprises built intentionally to crush The Churn of homelessness, dependency, and victimhood. Who better to do that than those who lived it, overcame it, and have years of training in how to beat it for others like them! These enterprises are staffed and led by passionate highly trained Overcomers with years of experience, who are matched with subject matter experts. The enterprises are designed to discover, address, and solve the root causes of why people get stuck in physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty. This is not a concept; it is a model that runs off an operating system developed and refined over two decades. And despite what you may hear, the Solutions model is night and day different from the top down, one-size-fits-all state sponsored homeless response operating system. The starkest difference of the Solutions for Change approach is that it has a proven process that ends dependency, whereas the existing approach significantly increases dependency.

Three Ways To Be Game Changer!

YES! I not only want to make a difference for these kids - I want to be the difference!
Being a Game Changer for Today, Tomorrow, or Forever is easier than ever!

Give the gift of a drug-free and safe place for families to heal and recover!

  • Give $36 and be the difference for one child for one day
  • Give $115 and be the difference for one entire family for one day

Give at least a $100 per month on a reoccurring basis and you will be in a very special club called the Hero Circle! You will get invited to fireside chats, Teatime table talks, and receive regular insider updates directly from the parents and Overcomers!

...and FOREVER!
How about being a Game Changer FOREVER?! Thanks to the newly launched Solutions for Change capital campaign portion of the #WeAreOneUs initiative, YOU can! There are only three more leadership level gifts needed to activate the 2023 Big Freedom from Drug Housing Splash Event!

Solutions for Change controls 228 homes that help over 700 precious souls across seven southern California cities. These homes are in jeopardy of being converted to illegal drug housing BUT thanks to a fast-growing number of supporters who are stepping up, we have a plan to save every single home! Connect directly with our Founder and CEO at to learn more about our capital campaign naming opportunities!

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