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Solutions Enterprise/Farms

Solutions Farms FAQ

We're Moving!

What will happen to the old farm?

We are thrilled to pass on our 9 years of growing organic leafy greens to a local family based farming operation with plans to continue our spirit of providing healthy food to the community.

What will happen with Employment Related Training (ERT) during the transition?

ERT will assist with the transition of the farm to a local family based operation. Once the farm is transitioned, ERT will carry forward with an exciting list of renovation and building projects that will enhance our student experience and improve our programmatic operations.

What will happen to the CSA box program?

During the transition of the farm’s relocation we will not be able to continue participation in the CSA program, but look forward to making this service available to our constituency again in the near future.

Will Volunteer groups still be allowed to host service projects at the farm?

During the transition of the farm’s relocation we will be halting all volunteer activities on the existing farm but would welcome service projects from our faithful volunteers to work on our renovation and building projects including assistance with the development of the new farm.

What will happen to our relationships at the farmers markets?

We will strive to maintain positive relationships with the farmers markets we participate in through open and transparent conversations. We hope to be back at the farmers markets once the new farm is at full production.

What will happen with donations made to support the farm?

All donations made in support of the farm will be used to help develop the new farm and support new operations.

Will Solutions for Change retain the farm staff?

Solutions for Change will be retaining the farm staff as employees to assist with renovation and building projects and the development and eventual operation of the new farm.