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Rebuild Your Life at Solutions for Change

Solutions for Change is more than a housing solution. It’s a change your life solution that permanently solves homelessness.

Solutions for families

A complete solution for families

Solutions for Change is a nonprofit committed to solving family homelessness through our Solutions University program. This unique program is a 1,000 day partnership that equips families with the skills, knowledge and resources that create amazing life transformations. It’s not just a housing solution, it’s a “change your life” solution.

Our focus is creating strong, independent families that are capable of pursuing every opportunity they want in life, from raising a happy family, to creating a successful career, to buying a home and sending kids to college. Each adult in our program follows an individualized program crafted to meet his or her goals.

Family Photo

Lucy and her family escaped an abusive marriage and became homeless. Through Solutions, Lucy and her girls found the support they needed while building a better future. Now graduated from Solutions University, Lucy has a great career and provides for her family.

It’s more than just housing

Think of Solutions University like a college university program, but instead of math and science, you learn how to raise a successful household. Our program includes counseling services to overcome past hardships, classes on parenting, leadership and household finances, job skills training and work experience – all supported by a highly skilled corps of case managers to guide you every step of the way. From day one, we provide all these services, plus housing, food, health services and childcare to give you a solid foundation to build a successful future.

Skills, knowledge and resources from day one

What families are saying about Solutions…

“Solutions for change is a place where miracles happen. This program changed not only my life but hundreds of others.“
Jennifer - Solutions Graduate
“Solutions took us in and from there I have grown and blossomed from a helpless victim of abuse and abandonment to a woman that is confident, secure, safe and a survivor.“
Lucia - Solutions Graduate
“My son and I found ourselves homeless on the streets of North County San Diego, and this was the only place that would help us. Solutions took us in and helped my son and I get our lives back stronger than ever.“
Linda - Solutions Graduate

Transform your life in 1,000 days

Begin your journey at Solutions

It starts with believing in yourself and that you can solve your family’s homelessness. When you work toward this goal, amazing things happen–you overcome hardships, your children finish school, you find employment and purpose, and most importantly you permanently solve your homelessness.

We’ve solved homelessness for over…

850 Families

2200 Children

Solutions University


Start your journey

We believe in your success

If you feel ready to make a change in your life, then contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff¬ will guide you through the enrollment process and answer any questions you have so you can begin your journey toward a better life for you and your family.

Families completing Solutions University call it a life transformation that equips them to overcome every hardship, including addiction disorders, domestic violence, unemployment, past convictions and generational poverty. Our goal is to guide families through their own transformational journey here at Solutions for Change and help them accomplish what never seemed possible, including solving their homelessness.


Solutions Farms

Jennifer, left, graduated from Solutions University and is now a manager at Solutions Farms, our innovative aquaponics farm that provides work experience for participants in our program and organic produce for local schools.

  • You are a parent with minor dependent children in your custody. If a couple, you are married or are both the legal parents of your children as verified by a birth certificate. Note: Pregnant mothers also qualify.
  • You are verifiably homeless according to HUD guidelines. In general, if you think you are homeless, you probably meet HUD guidelines.
  • You are willing to work full-time and possess legal documents to work in the United States. Exception: If you have a permanent disability and can provide proof.
  • You agree to actively participate in the Solutions program including coaching, education, workshops, classes, counseling, and (if needed) outpatient substance abuse treatment.
  • You can maintain the appropriate behavior of your children, and enroll them in school full-time.
  • If you have a mental health condition or diagnosis, you will take your prescribed medication and participate in counseling as needed.
  • You can pass a drug test.
  • You understand Solutions is not a “safe house.” If you are fleeing a recent domestic violence situation, we can refer you to a safe place and you will have the option of entering Solutions at a later time.
  • You do not have a criminal conviction for physically hurting other people (including children), or destroying property.

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