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Report on the Status of Solutions for Change Three Weeks Into COVID-19

Dear Friends of Solutions for Change,

You made something remarkable happen at a very scary and uncertain time that I want to share with you. The six hundred once homeless kids and their parents who live in one of the five different Solutions for Change campuses in Escondido, Vista and Oceanside are safe, healthy and they are, for the most part and in a strange sort of way – peaceful. And, that didn’t happen by accident – it happened because of you.

So many of you stepped up. Our extended network of businesses, churches, foundations and civic groups, along with the many individual supporters seemed to immediately know what to do. And because that happened in such a beautiful and organic way, the entire Solutions for Change organization was empowered to move with lightning speed and with an intense clarity that I still can’t quite describe! It was as if our entire team had this mysterious capability in our back pocket, and that your deep care and love for our mission and our people flipped a switch and we Powered-Up into Mega-Solutionizer status. After an intense 23 days of fifteen hour per day effort by our management team and others in our camp, we are all just now feeling as if we just experienced the ultimate exercise of divine navigation.

We were in a strange way built for this moment.

We asked for our graduates to step in as servant warriors and help coach our families through this…and without hesitation many of them did. We committed to our employees, no layoffs, because without them we would not be able to keep our families supported and strong. They then dedicated themselves to do just that. The only way I can explain it is that by designing and building Solutions for Change in the way we know works – to equip and inspire those we serve to overcome their vulnerabilities and – by investing in and empowering the least of us – that they have become the best of us…and we are now here as ONE US. What we have built with you… was built on a rock. Solid as solid can be.

We don’t know what next week will bring, but we are all ready. And, we are faithful. And, yes – we are prayerful.

One other thing: Little did we know that our decision years back to turn down millions of dollars in government funding, which as you know caused us to be eliminated from the local homelessness coalitions after two decades of serving, would prove to be a life-saving veil of protection over our families against this killer coronavirus. Active heroin and meth addicts have severely compromised immune systems, ripe for this virus to ravage. They are also seven times more likely to abuse their children. Yet, as I sit here today writing this, I am looking at our consolidated Mission Impact Report and Key Performance Indicator Dashboard for all our families, and I am so unbelievably humbled to see the results. I encourage you to see for yourself and download HERE!

So, although we were forced out of this government system and all the benefits of their funding because we chose to be drug free and accountability based, we have no ill will, we remain humble, and we are so very grateful. Because we have something so much better.

We have an intense focus on Jesus and His grace. And, right after Him and that focus, we have our families to serve in the way they wish to be served, and we have YOU with us, in the way that you wish them to be served. And through all of this, we see ourselves today as ONE US!

I hope all of you and your families are safe and healthy. We know that there are many things and people competing for your thoughts and prayers, but we humbly ask you to please keep us on your prayer list. We are servant warriors serving for the sake of others in a time of enormous uncertainty…and we are walking by faith, not by sight.

God bless you. Stay Safe! See you (for real) Soon!

One Us,

Chris and Tammy Megison Cofounders Solutions for Change