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Why Do You Think Solutions for Change Works?

Why Do You Think Solutions for Change Works?

A look at Solutions’ success from its Overcomers

Over the past several months, our blog has been documenting the stories of Solutions for Change’s incredible Overcomers. They have experienced the lowest of lows and risen to achieve happy, stable lives.

Each Overcomer has a slightly different reason for coming to Solutions—and everyone has a different story. Despite their differences, however, Overcomers all have their Solutions Academy education in common. Solutions is the unifying factor in how they changed their lives. They were all uplifted by the same programs, classes and case managers.

Now and for the next few years, Solutions for Change is growing and expanding to help more people from more varied backgrounds. Our programming is evolving to provide more comprehensive education and broader support to help anyone become an Overcomer.

And while we are evolving, the core of Solutions for Change will always remain the same. We are true to our mission and wish to extend it to more people who need it. We are committed to creating Overcomers. The reasons we are successful at creating Overcomers will stay constant.

The Overcomers we have featured on this blog can attest to the ways Solutions is effective—and will continue to be effective. When we interviewed each Overcomer for the blogs, we asked them, “Why do you think Solutions for Change works?” Their answers beautifully illuminate our mission, and serve as a reminder of Solutions’ absolutely foundational values and practices that will continue to create Overcomers for years to come.


Why Solutions Works, From Our Overcomers

“Solutions gets down to the toughest parts of your life and builds you back up with realistic goals. They never tell you to put a band-aid on your problems, they don’t let you put a band-aid on your problems. You have to face them head on—and they’re down there with you helping you build back up. They make you feel like you can accomplish anything.” -Rosalie Ortega

“The most amazing thing Solutions does is reframe your thinking and your approach to life. They teach you how to think from a healthier perspective, and that perspective is what lets you grow. When I got to Solutions, I had never had trouble holding down a job. But there were other pieces of my life that needed changing if I wanted to be totally stable. I needed to grow relationally and emotionally. And Solutions was there to help me grow in my own unique way. That made the difference.” -Sonya Moreno

“The peer-to-peer mentoring Solutions does brings a whole new level of empathy and connection to their work. My case manager had been a Solutions student before, so they knew what it was like to struggle, work through Solutions and build your life back up. They walk you through the toughest questions in your life and help you resolve the root causes of whatever is holding you down. Solutions lets you heal.” -Zellastein Mitchell

“Chris leads Solutions with a pure heart. He has a genuine drive to help people Overcome and that honesty and enthusiasm spreads to everyone working there. In order for Solutions to work for you, you have to be as serious and pure intentioned about changing your life as the empowerment coaches are. But they create such an uplifting environment that drives you to improve yourself. The sincerity and belief at Solutions make a world of difference.“ -Shannon Brennan

Solutions for Change will never waver in its empathy, belief and strength for its students. We are so proud of these students who have graduated into Overcomers, and we look forward to welcoming many more who wish to change their lives. To learn more about Solutions Academy and our services, visit the “Our Work” tab on our website.