Solutions Grads Make Plea to Keep IAC/Shelter Open

By August 3, 2016Uncategorized

“I’m a recovering addict and my new me, would not want to live next to the old me,” Solutions for Change graduate Greg Smith told Mike Slater on Monday, August 1 during a live radio show.

Greg and three other grads testified about our Solutions University and pleaded with the federal government not to take away $600,000 from our programs, and to ask for help to keep our IAC/shelter- which is where homeless families first come off the streets- open.


(Solutions for Change is NOT in jeopardy of closing- only the intake/shelter, a small yet extremely important component of our program.)

Solutions for Change graduates spoke with passion about how new government regulations under the Housing First program will hurt our families by forcing us to house active addicts who smoke crack or shoot up, while sharing a shelter with toddlers, teens and mom’s struggling to stay sober.

Do YOU think we should sell out and take the money and house people who are smoking meth or shooting heroin and house them with our sober families?

Can YOU call your elected officials and tell them you are against these new changes?

Can YOU help fill the GAP by donating to our IAC/Shelter while we fight for government funding?

Please let us know what you think and share our story with your friends, family and community.

Thank YOU for caring!

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