Solutions for Change not Closing

By August 10, 2016News

Dear Friends,

Some media reports have circulated that Solutions for Change is closing. I want to assure you that this is not the case. Only Solution’s intake and access center – our shelter – is at risk due to new federal regulations. This will impact 14 homeless families and 24 children.

Solutions for Change has created a model that permanently solves family homelessness. We address the core issues of the cause of a family’s homelessness, whether it be substance abuse, mental health, under educated/employed, past trauma, or poverty: we treat the whole person, the whole family. We have solved homelessness for over 800 families and 2000 children. New HUD regulations no longer will allow us to do that. We are being required to let active substance abusers into our clean and sober communities. They also cannot be required to get a job or participate in services. That is against the values and principles that Solutions was built on.

We feel that whole system has taken a huge step in the wrong direction, not solving the problem, just throwing a quick fix at it to get the homeless off the streets and out of sight. This is the wrong solution and Solutions for Change cannot participate. Active substance abuse would be detrimental to their recovery from homelessness. We will never allow active substance abusers in our programs of required sobriety. This will not happen in our communities.
We believe so strongly in the homeless families we serve, that they are an asset to our community and not dependent on the system. Solutions will not be dependent on the system either. We expect to give up all of our federal contracts in the near future and we will be self-sustaining and continue to solve family homelessness. We have a system and a model that does not require us to adhere to government regulations and we will not be reliant on public funds to continue the great work we are doing.

Solutions for Change remains viable and committed to our mission of solving family homelessness. Please feel free to call us directly about any concerns you may have. We have initiated an emergency campaign to raise $600,000, which would be vital to making Solutions for Change independent of government funding and the challenges that entail. Please help us make our campaign a success by donating at

Deepest regards,

Chris and Tammy Megison