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A Message for Solutions for Change Friends, Clients and Supporters:

Like organizations across the country, Solutions for Change is working to respond quickly and responsibly to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We wanted to send this note to each of you to answer some common questions about how we are responding to this unprecedented crisis. During these uncertain times, we are taking an abundance of caution and doing our part to be responsible neighbors to minimize and control the spread of the virus.

At the advice of health officials, we have begun to reduce direct employee, client and supporter contact within and outside our housing and service programs. Obviously, this goes against our very nature as we are a hands-on and hearts-on community that does everything together. We have identified ways that we can still maintain close personal communication and connection with our families and with you through technology venues. You’ll hear more about this soon.

What is Solutions for Change doing? Beginning Wednesday March 18, we will change how we engage with those we serve at our five, family living and work empowerment centers in Escondido, Vista, and Oceanside, as well as our scattered-site locations throughout northern San Diego. Our main program operations in Vista, where most of our employee’s work, will see the most significant changes.

Serving Our Families We know that the economic and social challenges facing our families does not end with the start of this outbreak. In fact, this crisis could likely challenge our families more than ever. Thus, Solutions is taking several steps to help the nearly 600 formerly homeless mothers, fathers and children in our care during this time.

This includes:  Ensuring Healthful Living Environments: Our biggest operational move is that we have decided to relocate all of our families out of our congregate family shelter at 890 East Vista Way in Vista and into their own personal living areas. We made this decision because we recognize that this one move could significantly increase the comfort and health and decrease anxiety for the thirteen brand new families who have recently joined Solutions for Change.

Ongoing coaching and support: Solutions is maintaining our coaching and training support meetings virtually, to make sure our parents can continue to get the support they need.
In-person resources: Solutions is maintaining a servant warrior staff at our office — maintaining appropriate social distance — to provide families with food support, tech support, and connection to other community resources.

Serving Our Employees Our employees are the engine of the Solutions for Change empowerment bus that moves families from deep dependency and negative health to thriving, contributing, and transformed lives back into our communities, employed and housed. Equipping and inspiring them to stay strong, healthy and engaged is critical to us leading our Solutions for Change community through this crisis.

Thus, Solutions is taking steps to help the nearly 600 formerly homeless mothers, fathers and children in our care during this time. This includes:

Connect from home: Solutions is enabling the use of electronic devices to employees so they can keep connected from home on client projects and critical company support matters. This will allow our employees to continue to work while supporting themselves and their own families, and still be present and available to our mission and our client families during this difficult time.

What about client projects? For our client families, I am proud to share that we anticipate being able to continue our work with minimum disruption. We are equipping our team with remote tech tools to be able to meet remotely and serve our families.
Emergency Response Fund

Serving With You

We are all in unchartered waters, trying to navigate through a situation that none of us have ever been in before. As you consider the needs and the impact that you can make on the surrounding community, we ask that you stay connected with Solutions for Change and our families:

Serve to Solve Project #1 – Calling “Remote Servant Warrior” Volunteers. We have implemented Health and Human Services guidelines regarding large gatherings and limiting public exposure. Volunteers have received an informative email from our Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, providing creative ways to continue support during this time. If you have any immediate questions, please email Emily at

Serve to Solve Project #2 – Critical Supplies Needed Now. With an emergency of this magnitude, our pantries and supply cabinets were wiped. We need immediate help to reopen our supply lines. We welcome your generous donations. Please click here for a list of most needed items.

Serve to Solve Project #3 – Keeping Our Community Strong. Our families are mainly comprised of single parents. School, work closures, and potential quarantines equate to no work, no compensation, and no money for food, supplies, and rent. We have created a budget to help our families endure this storm, and we anticipate a loss of work and wages. Our goal of $180,000 covers projected expenses relative to COVID-19 and will allow us to keep serving each one of the 600 family members in our care. EVERY DONATION HELPS!

Thank you for your support. Stay healthy and stay strong!