Solutions For Change Recognized for Employment Excellence

Solutions for Change Founder and CEO Chris Megison with OFA Director Clarence Carter

The Office of Family Assistance of the United States Department of Health and Human Services has recognized Solutions for Change as an “Employer of Excellence.”  The Office identified Solutions for Change for its exceptional success in increasing employment for hard-to-serve-populations.

Solutions for Change has created an innovative social enterprise that equips residents with skills and resources to get employed and become economically independent.  Solutions for Change provides all the tools necessary for families experiencing homelessness to overcome deep poverty and homelessness.

Two of the programs components, Solutions University and Solutions Farms, work in tandem to inspire, empower, and equip residents with soft-skills and personal development to address the root causes of homelessness.  Solutions Farms further prepares clients with hard-skills through job experience with onsite supervision to equip individuals to successfully enter the workforce. Solutions Farms is a full-fledged business venture requiring all the skills and knowledge of any business.  It builds on the foundation of Solutions University by teaching skills like working in a team, taking direction on the job and workplace etiquette, working with customers, tracking production, and fulfilling orders.

Because homelessness is inextricably linked to poverty and social isolation, it is critical to help the homeless person or family increase their income through training and education.  It is also critical to help them establish healthy, reliable social networks to the point where they can afford housing and overcome deep poverty.  Solutions University and Solutions Farms does both. 

On average, residents triple their incomes within the first year of participation.  They also reduce the amount of public assistance they receive by nearly half.  By acquiring the skills, resources, and knowledge to never be homeless again, residents are able to pay rent and establish permanent housing, creating economic independence for themselves and their families.

Because of the unique focus on employment as a means of overcoming poverty and homelessness, the Office of Family Assistance, which oversees the nation’s Temporary Assistance for Working Families (TANF) program, has highlighted Solutions for Change and featured the program to the nation’s federal and state TANF executives, administrators, staff, and other stakeholders.  OFA administers federal grant programs that foster family economic security and stability.

Solutions for Change is proud to work with the Office of Family Assistance to strengthen employment outcomes and improve self-sufficiency.  You can learn more about Solutions Farms and how Solutions for Change improves incomes and reduces dependency by clicking on these links: