Recognized as “Game Changer” for the Country — Solutions Announces Imperative Effort in Support of New National Vision

By November 26, 2019Uncategorized

On November 9, 2019 at their 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, Solutions for Change ended the night with a shocker that has since fired up its base of thousands of supporters.

With hundreds of civic, business and faith leaders in attendance, Solutions for Change CEO, Chris Megison, was joined by the Honorable Clarence Carter, Director of the Office of Family Assistance at the United States Department of Health and Human Services to deliver what was promised to be a momentous declaration. In addition to administrating one of the nation’s preeminent welfare safety net systems known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Mr. Carter is also one of the administration’s top officials charged with finding nongovernmental empowerment based approaches that end dependency using designs that are community-based, ground up, and market driven.

Said Mr. Carter, “As we have been developing the vision of growing those in vulnerable circumstances beyond their vulnerabilities, we have been searching the Nation for models that meet that objective. We found one in North San Diego County in Solutions for Change that meets and exceeds our objectives. All of you, engaged with Solutions for Change, transforming lives from what they refer to as bottom left to top right, using market driven social enterprise, is the kind of solution that we seek. Solutions for Change is the type of game-changing, community based effort that I believe can put boots on the ground to help advance a new vision of freedom from dependency for America.”

A giant Proclamation poster was rolled out, signed by 14 local elected officials as the “Founding Dignitaries” of what was described as a regional imperative to transform 1,000 local lives from bottom left to top right. Mr. Carter stated that he has entered into a formal partnership with Solutions for Change that will help bring a rigorous, evidenced-based evaluation to test their processes and results. “Once the Solutions model is proven, then it is in these type of community driven social enterprise efforts that we believe would support National efforts on a much larger scale. This isn’t about the federal government telling you how to grow people in your neighborhoods beyond their vulnerabilities that then free them and you from their dependencies. It’s about you showing us how it’s done, proving it, and then us making sure that there are not systemic governmental obstacles or policies that make your job harder”, he said. In fact, it is my intent with the time I have left, to vigorously support policies that encourage and empower you to transform even more lives from bottom left to top right and to unleash even more human capital into our socioeconomic fabric, so that together we can celebrate freedom from dependency not just here locally, but all across our Nation.”

As if this huge announcement of a February 2020 launch of this first of its kind Empowerment Initiative wasn’t enough, the room got the goose bump moment when Clarence and Chris brought up 15 Solutions for Change graduates who’ve overcome enormous challenges – homelessness, deep dependency, addiction, brokenness – and who for many years have been thriving and employed in jobs serving humanity in incredible ways.

Chris then dropped what he called “the real game changer” when revealing that over 130 graduates of Solutions are standing by to be “deployed” as the “tip of the spear” in this new initiative. “We are going to show America something very special, almost sacred,” he said. “There is nothing more powerful than those who have been empowered and transformed, now passionately and purposefully serving for the sake of others who need the same hope, opportunity, compassion and accountability that they received.”

“We have 84 days left to sign up as many founding visionaries as possible. We want our public, near and far, to make a statement to the state of California, a state where half of the nation’s homeless population is suffering on her streets, as shown in recent reports. By signing up, we believe that the message you send will be that this ground-up, community-driven, and market based solution embodies the execution piece that Mr. Carter and the national vision that he represents, requires in order to flourish,” said Megison.

Those who sign up will be proudly listed by name on a national site as the original national vision trailblazers that will come alongside and support national efforts on a much larger scale. Our goal is to inspire 10,000 Americans to join us in this initial, ground up imperative effort, that aligns with a vision Mr. Carter and many others believe can fundamentally change how society sees and acts on helping the most vulnerable among us.

Said Megison, “The opportunity to be part of this historic effort as a founding visionary is open to any citizen anywhere. It is free to sign, which you may do here: Simply fill out the Contact form and then scroll down and download our Solutions Empowerment App so that you can stay up to date with the latest as we get closer to launch in February 2020. By signing up, you’ll also receive a message from the Honorable Clarence Carter within the next two weeks for a chance to get your own copy of this National Empowerment Proclamation with a personalized letter from him welcoming you to this game changing and momentous opportunity”.