Message from our Founding President and CEO

By November 2, 2018Featured

At our recent Evening to Remember gala we took the opportunity to recognize a number of key individuals who, through their leadership and tireless effort, brought us through an incredible time in our history. In 2010 we were asked by a group of our top donors and supporters if we would share our model in other cities across North County. Our co-founders, senior management team and board huddled, prayed and eventually agreed. We launched a series of high level, high stakes initiatives in an attempt to quadruple the number of homeless families that could be lifted out of homelessness. The first was Finding Our Way Home in 2011 which was then followed by Mission: Solve It! in 2016.

As many of you know, these initiatives worked! We grew from 50 families helped per day to now nearly 200. In the middle of the effort we were faced with an unexpected and enormous challenge that many thought would cripple us, but we overcame, and today we are thriving and healthy and helping more families and children than ever before.

We attracted national leaders who came here to North County to exclaim their support of our vision – a Secretary of State, a First Lady, a renowned neurosurgeon, and America’s Mayor. They came because they believed our model was uniquely different. Instead of shelters and socialized housing, we enrolled people in a 1000-day personal development academy called Solutions University. Instead of giving handouts, we built a world-class aquaponics farm where our moms and dads would get up, suit up and show up to grow certified organic food, which would then be eagerly consumed by our kids and thousands of others in the local market. Instead of building dependency, we created mega interdependency through our award-winning servant leadership curriculum. None of it would have happened without the dedication of these leaders.

We want you to know who these leaders are. Over the past few weeks, starting at our gala, we have been recognizing them, as publicly as possible.

Community Leadership Team awarded at an Evening to Remember

  • Mayor Sam Abed
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Mayor Jim Desmond
  • Gloria Foote
  • Chairwoman Kristin Gaspar
  • Mayor Matt Hall
  • Rev. Ted Hamilton
  • Supervisor Bill Horn
  • Congressman Darrell Issa
  • Brian Kennedy
  • Rev. Michael Ratajczak
  • Mayor Judy Ritter
  • Mike Slater
  • Former Mayor Jim Wood

Certificates Recipients

Vista City Council Members

  • Mayor Judy Ritter
  • Deputy Mayor John J. Aguilera
  • Council Member John B. Franklin

Carlsbad City Council Members

  • Mayor Matt Hall
  • Mayor Pro Tem Keith Blackburn
  • Council Member Mark Packard
  • Council Member Michael Schumacher

Escondido City Council Members

  • Mayor Sam Abed
  • Deputy Mayor John Masson
  • Council Member Ed Gallo
  • Council Member Michael Morasco

San Marcos City Council Members

  • Mayor Jim Desmond
  • Vice Mayor Rebecca Jones
  • Council Member Kristal Jabara

Oceanside City Council Members

  • Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery
  • Council Member Jack Feller
  • Council Member Jerome M. Kern
  • Council Member Former Mayor Jim Wood