Amber Takes Capitol Hill – Day Three, Wednesday

Amber with Representative Steve Pearce (NM)

Today the House of Representatives was the busiest we have seen so far.  Bells were ringing, people rushing, and votes were being cast.  We met with two influential members of Congress who fundamentally understand what we do at Solutions for Change as we fight dependency on government assistance.  It made me realize that this homeless problem is so much bigger than Vista or San Diego – Congressmen from all over the country recognize that HUD needs to be reformed, poverty needs to be solved, and that Solutions for Change is doing it right.  The system keeps the poor poor and no one’s life is better by getting things for free. We need to lift the poor and homeless up by investing in people and that just “getting by” is  no longer acceptable.

Chris and Amber with Representative Keith Rothfus (PA)

In the middle of an important committee hearing, Representative Keith Rothfus from Pennsylvania, took time out to speak with me and our team about the importance of work in solving poverty.  His message was inspirational.  He said that those not working are precious resources needed to improve society.  He echoed things I learned at Solutions such as I am needed, I am empowered, and living a purpose-driven life is a worthy goal.  I felt like I was serving others all across the country by telling our nation’s leaders and legislators about my story of difficulty and transformation.

Another meeting with Representative Steve Pearce of New Mexico was a great exchange of ideas about how our program can serve as a national model.  I realized that our trip is creating an opportunity to solve some significant problems in our country.  We are meeting with people with great ideas and great power to change programs that increase homelessness and grow poverty.  I am pretty blown away that Solutions for Change is on the cutting edge of changing these systems that impact those experiencing homelessness.

At the end of the day Chris keeps showing me the number of steps we walked going from office to office.  It reminds me that my feet hurt.