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Welcome to the updated Solve It! blog – Solutions for Change’s voice for solving homelessness. The Solve It! blog is intended to increase awareness for strategies that permanently solve homelessness. As the name implies, our desire is to solve homelessness by moving the once homeless from dependency to independence.

In Solve It! we will celebrate families transforming out of homelessness and dependency and highlight public policies addressing homelessness – both good and bad. We will also discuss effective strategies to solve homelessness in communities and highlight our impact in North San Diego County. Solve It! is here as a resource to help you understand what’s going on in homelessness.
We look at homelessness from a common-sense problem-solving lens, examining what’s working and why. We will also introduce you to our amazing program and residents. Celebrate with us as we mark the milestones of solving deep poverty.
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Again, welcome to the Solve It! blog on homelessness!

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