Solutions for Change Breaks Ground in Escondido

By June 28, 2016Events, News

It was over 80 degrees in Escondido on Tuesday, June 28, but more than 50 dignitaries came out for the groundbreaking for the Solutions for Change affordable housing for homeless families.

This new construction of 33 units of affordable housing funded by public and private revenue streams at 1560 S. Escondido Blvd. is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2017.

“We are so pleased to be a part of this fantastic project,” said Escondido Mayor, Sam Abed. “The people of Escondido deserve affordable housing and there’s no one who can do this like Chris (Megison) and the team at Solutions for Change.”

The Escondido Planning commissioners unanimously approved the Solutions for Change housing project in 2015 by financing $2.1 million in affordable housing funds for a mixed-use project of 33 housing units with offices and a community center. The California Department of Housing and Community Development and Federal Home Loan Bank also are providing funding, and Escondido council members approved an additional $86,000 from a San Diego Foundation administered fund.

Twenty-two of the homes will be 800-square-feet with 11 homes a little larger at 1,000-square-feet. Applicants for housing must earn less than 80 percent of area median income.
“I want to thank everyone here for helping us see this through, especially the city of Escondido who has had to see me in their office for the last 10 or 12 years trying to get this project off the ground,” said Chris Megison, president and CEO of Solutions for Change. “What is really exciting for us is that our families who were born and raised in Escondido can eventually come back to their community and make their homes.”

Among those in attendance was David Crean, Board Chairman for Solutions for Change, Ginger Hitzke of Hitzke Development Corporation and financial advisor, Gloria Foote.
Resident volunteers and staff memebers spent hours in the summer sun preparing for the event, and were excited by the turnout.
“Although it was a very hot morning, we were encouraged by the terrific turnout of all of our supporters,” said volunteer coordinator, Karen Anderson. “It was another great day for Solutions for Change.”