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Planned Giving and Legacy Circle


A guide to planned giving and legacy gifts

Provide a legacy that will continue your family’s lifetime work, transforming futures of homeless families for San Diego, while providing you tangible financial benefits today.

In many cases, deferred gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual, real estate and other options provide an income tax deduction the year the contribution is arranged. You can also rest assured that your assets will be left in good hands, professionally managed by Solutions for Change to make the largest possible impact on the community you call home.

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Plan your deferred gift and become part of our Legacy Circle today!

Bequest by Will or Trust

Bequest by Will or Trust
You may name Solutions for Change and leave a specific sum of money, a percentage of your estate, or what remains after other bequests have been satisfied. Whether designated or unrestricted, in your memory or in that of a loved one, we can work with you to create a lasting tribute.

Donate stock

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
Have a stock that’s exceeded your expectations? Make that gift count for families in need and give yourself the gift of an income tax deduction in the year the contribution is made. We’ll take the gift of your stock, tax-free, and make it count for generations to come.

Donate Real Estate

Real Estate and Real Property
Real Estate is often a family’s most valuable asset, but contributions of other property like fine art, jewelry and other items can also be gifted. Receive a tax deduction the year the contribution is arranged, and know that future proceeds from the sale will go to change the future of a child in need.

Donate Insurance

Life Insurance and Retirement Plans
Naming Solutions for Change as a beneficiary in your life insurance or retirement plans is a simple way to benefit the community, while avoiding significant taxes that would be accrued if funds were left in your taxable estate or to your heirs.

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