Crime Decrease Shows Impact of Solutions for Change

By January 5, 2017Featured, News

An analysis of San Diego County Sheriff’s Department data of Solutions for Change’s permanent supportive housing campus demonstrates a significant decrease in crime cases, arrests, and calls for service. The data, spanning from 2010 to 2016 shows a total average decrease in law enforcement activity of more than 70 percent since Solutions for Change acquired ownership of the Vista Terrace apartments on Postal Way.

In 2013, Solutions for Change took ownership of three apartment buildings consisting of 47 apartment units.  Solutions, in partnership with HUD, San Diego County, the City of Vista, and other sources rehabilitated three distressed and run-down housing units that were the frequent location of criminal activity and calls for service. After a more than $12 million acquisition and rehabilitation effort, at least 112 Solutions for Change residents moved in.

Data comparing 2012, the last year prior to Solutions for Change acquiring the property, and  2016 show a drop in arrests and crime cases of 71 percent, a drop in all crime type such as drunkenness, car theft, and assault of 71 percent, and a drop in calls for service such as public safety, disturbances, nuisance, and domestic disturbances of 86 percent.

These data show that Solutions for Change’s transformative model impacts communities in a positive way leading to less crime and a safer neighborhood. View the full report here.  

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