Anabel Receives Diploma after a Year of Hard Work

By July 20, 2016Uncategorized
Anabel Celebrates Her Diploma With Her Daughter

Anabel Celebrates Her Diploma With Her Daughter

Anabel and her eight-year-old daughter, Natalie, are excited because Anabel was just awarded her high school diploma! She attended night school, changed her work schedule, and juggled motherhood, her program obligations at Solutions for Change, and helping Natalie get through the third-grade.

Anabel was not always this hard working. She dropped out of Vista High in tenth grade and later found herself homeless while Natalie was an infant. Her drug use and bad choices left her in jail and on the streets. School was the last thing on her mind.

She arrived at Solutions for Change thinking that all she needed was to find a job, but she quickly realized that she couldn’t raise her daughter making only $9 per hour. Anabel was also determined to show Natalie that it was never too late to finish something as important as an education.

Now Anabel has her diploma, her drivers’ license, and has set her sights on community college to study social work. “I’ve proven to myself that I’m pretty smart and can do anything I set my mind too” Anabel said. In Fact, Anabel has received two raises from her job at Sprouts within the last year.

“I’d like to help kids growing up like I did to avoid drugs,” she said. “Having a stable home and being clean and sober has helped me to be more focused, and allowed me to set and achieve my goals. When I was in jail I felt like I had no future. Now I love paying my bills and being responsible.”